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Pushkar Tour Packages

Blue Lotus Festival was on the Pushkar Tour Itinerary when we were on “Pushkar Tour Package”. It is held on Pushkar road. The festival with a beautiful name of the flower has various types of music, cuisines, dances and many other activities promoting Indian Culture. This is a unique event of Indian Music in the middle of the desert. Music gives a great deal of relaxation from tension. Its intention is to let people feel the soothing effect of music and how different types of music should be heard on different occasions.

The Music Festival

It serves all best styles of Indian Folk, Tribal, Gypsy, Sufi, Devotional, Indigenous and Spiritual music. The festival lasts for 6 days and makes you live a new and different birth.

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One can reach Pushakar by air as there are a number of flights that are regular to the city and are available from all the major cities of India. Railway is another good option for reaching Pushakar as the railway lines are connected very well to the center of the state.

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    List of Pushakar Tour Packages

    It represents Indian Culture and its success proves the love and respect for it by the Indians. It welcomes the music lovers, singers, dancers and participants from all over the country not just Rajasthan.

    Renowned Artists for Concerts

    It is of high importance in India and many renowned artists come to participate in it from all over the country. There is no bondage of a particular music. Raza Khan, Mustafa Ali Jat, Mohini Devi, Sharif Idu, Dalbar Singh, Murra Lala Fafal, Bachu Khan, etc. In 2018, the first edition of Blue Lotus Festival was released by De Kulture, a company promoting Indian Music. It was a step worth appreciating in the promotion of music and connecting people with each other.

    Other Activities than Music

    The Blue Lotus Festival has art of living classes for those who want some taste of spiritualism, documentary film screenings, music workshops, night showcases, night safaris, food stalls, etc. It also showcases dances and party-level performances on folk music. There are spiritual ceremonies along with art of living. It is a complete fun fair in itself on Pushkar Holiday Packages.


    The venue for some of the activities; like concerts and night showcases, documentary screenings, etc; is often a hotel. In 2018, it was Ananta Spa & Resorts. It was located in the serene atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Thus, we got the opportunity to visit this great ambience on Pushkar Trip Package. The next time also, I would love to attend it and gather memories full of fun and pleasure.

    Cuisines from all over the Country

    It is superb to see that there are cuisines from all the states. On Pushkar Travel Package, you can see not just Rajasthani food items but also Punjabi, Maharashtrian, southern, etc. It does not promote only Rajasthani Culture but Indian Culture.

    The Theme: ‘Unity in Diversity’

    The theme is not officially declared by anyone but it can be understood that it is ‘Unity in Diversity’. Moreover, foreigners also enjoy it more as they can see mini India over here in just 6 days and they have the taste of the Indian culture. They taste the delicious food from all the major cuisines of the country. They enjoy the most beautiful folk dance forms from the regional areas of India. They can watch the best collection of documentaries. All the documentaries are shown here for a reason, to admire it.

    The Blue Lotus Festival is as soothing as a blue lotus flower looks in the pond. The flower is rare and so is the festival. It is complete fun fair. It gives learning, eating, spirituality, fun, music, dance and everything that one can long for on a holiday and it recharges us for the challenges of life as we learn the way of living from the culture and get peace from the art forms.

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