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Castle Kalwar

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Castle Kalwar

Welcome Heritage Castle Kalwar

Kalwar is a small village situated on the outskirts of Jaipur city. The village of Kalwar has its own unique charm which attracts numerous explorers from distant places. Hotel Castle Kalwar is a wonderful example of Kalwar’s richness which reflects in the form of its traditional architecture and kind hospitality. The Castle Kalwar was to a greater extent a fortress that saw some savage fights for survival.

About The Property

Hotel Castle Durjan Niwas is a nineteenth century stronghold constructed in Indo-European style of design by the Champawat group of Marwan. The hotel boasts 15 tastefully designed rooms furnished with all present day pleasantries. It is a famous heritage hotel and makes the stay memorable.

Services and Facilities

Castle Kalwar offers facilities and Services like Information Desk, Help Desk, Room Service, Hot/Cold water,  Wi-Fi, mini bar, purified drinking water, tea/coffee maker, express check-in/check-out, refrigerator, room heater, doctor on call, and a lot more.


For Recreation Castle Kalwar Heritage Hotel offers:

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