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Jhalawar with Gagron Fort Tour

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Jhalawar with Gagron Fort Unesco Tour

This city was founded by Jhala Zalim Singh, who was the then Dewan of Kota State. He established this township and that time this was surrounded by dense forests and wildlife. Jhala Zalim Singh used to come here for hunting wild animals and birds and he was so much attached with this place that he wanted to develop it as a township. Later in 1838 A.D, English Rulars, seperated Jhallawar from Kota State and gave it to Jhalla Madan Singh, who was the grandson of Jhalla Zalim Singh.

Gagron Fort is a fortress located at 10km from Jhalawar, at the confluence of the Ahu River and the Kali Sindh River. It is built on a small plateau stretched over a steep outcrop of the Vindhyan Hill Range. It is the only serial component which represents the type of a hill water fort. Its majestic hill location and the river around it, defends it from various problems, the hill location gives it a good defending hands and the river which isolates it from the surrounding terrain on three of its sides. Its massive walls rise upto 10-15m above ground and the circular corner defences reaching 25m in height. These qualities makes the fort inaccessible and earlier this place was also used for excutions. The access to the palace area leads through a succession of courts and temples which are outside of the inner enclosure. Gagron Fort also includes Hindu Temples, memorials, water reservoirs and wells as well as storage buildings and habitations.


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Jhalawar and Gagron Fort

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