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Nameri National Park


Nameri National Park is located 35 km away from Tezpur in Sonitpur District, Assam, India. The park spreads over an area of 200 square kilometers. Nameri National Park together with Pakhui (Pakke) Sanctuary constitutes an area of over 1000 square kilometers. Nameri National Park is a Paradise of Birds with over 300 species of birds. It is also the third National Park of Assam.


Earlier it was declared as a Forest Reserve on 17 October 1978 and later declared as a Sanctuary on 18 September 1985 with an area of137 km2 as a part of Naduar Forest Reserve. Finally, the sanctuary was upgraded to Nameri National Park on 15 November 1998 to protect different endangered and critically endangered species of wild animals and birds in India.


The park is characterized by hills of deciduous forests, semi-evergreen with cane and bamboo brakes and narrow strips of open grassland and Jia Bhoroli river flowing through it.


Nameri also is home to rare and endangered White Winged Wood Duck. Over 50 of the total world population of 700 of this species can be found at Nameri National Park including Tiger, Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Elephant, Gaur, Wild Pigs, Sambar, Barking Deer, Hispid hare, Slow Loris, Capped Langur, Dhole, Sloth Bear, Burmese ferret Badger, Binturong etc.


Some of the most popular activities in the park include white water rafting and fishing. There are several spots that are ideal for angling; however, one has to obtain permission from the forest department.

Best time to visit:

Nameri National Park is open throughout the year. Best time to visit the park is during the months of November to March.


Visitors are advised to get in touch with officials of the sanctuary for complete information entry timings and fee.


There are several accommodation options around Nameri National Park to accommodate outsiders or tourists. Visitors are advised to get in touch with us to get know about accommodation and other facilities along with charges.

Getting There:

By Air: Salonibari nearest airport which is 34 kms from the reserve and private or public road transport can be opted from there

By Rail: Tezpur is the nearest railway station which is 40 kms away from the reserve and roadways can be taken from there.

By Road:  Any public or private transport can be taken. The distances from major cities and towns are as follows: Guwahati (220kms), Jorhat (215kms), Nowgong (110kms), Kazhiranga (125kms) and Tezpur (40 kms).

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