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Vasanda National Park


Vasanda National Park is located near Vansda city in Navsari district of Gujarat. The Sanctuary is spread over an area of 23.99 square kilometers. The Sanctuary is not very large but the forests are very dense.


The major portion of the Park forms a part of Ambika catchment. Earlier, it was under the rule of erstwhile State of Vansda before 1952. The ex-ruler of Vansda enjoyed certain rights over the Park till 1975. However, the area was declared as National Park in 1986 and came under the administration of the State Forest Department. There are three villages in the Park namely Kelipada, Sadaddevi and Kilad.


The sanctuary consists of a rich variety of flora and also has 443 species of flowering plants like Teak, sadad, bamboo, dudhkod, kakad, khakhro, timru, humb, kalam, modad, haldu, sisam, chopadi bondaro, kusum, tanach, asan, mahudo, behda, umaro, shimlo, ambla etc.


This park consists of a large variety of Wildlife including leopard, hyena. Wild boar, sambar, four horned antelopes and a rich variety of bird and plant life.

Best time to visit:

Vasanda National Park is open throughout the year. Best time to visit the park is during the months of October to May. However, during monsoon, the Park remains closed from 15th June to 15th October.


Visitors are advised to get in touch with officials of the sanctuary for complete information entry timings and fee.


There are several accommodation options around Vasanda National Park to accommodate outsiders or tourists. Visitors are advised to get in touch with us to get know about accommodation and other facilities along with charges.

Getting There:

By Road: This park is well connected by road from all places in Gujarat. Bus Station in Navsari town is approximately 60 km (37.28 miles) away from the park. Bus and Taxi services are available to reach the park.

By Rail: Nearest Railway Station is at Waghai town, which is approximately 5 km (3.10 miles) away. Bus and Taxi services are available to reach the park.

By Air: Nearest airport is at Surat city, which is approximately 120 km (74.56 miles) away. Bus and Taxi services are available to reach the park.

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